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Keeping color choices to a minimum allows shapes and textures to create a unique appeal.

Tile is a basic element of bathroom décor and bathroom tile ideas are plentiful. Ceramic and porcelain tiles provide a vast palette for interior designers. Your imagination and creativity take center stage with the tile you choose for your Madison WI home.

At the turn of the 21st century tile moved quickly from a basic piece of the remodeling puzzle to elements of artistic expression. Modern tile continues protecting walls and floors from water damage. But, it does the job with style and flare thanks to a wide range of colors, shapes, textures and sizes. Is there a better combination than top-flight performance combined with great looks?

Creative use of decorative tile includes far more than squares and rectangles to cover shower walls and tub surrounds. Designers combine sizes and shapes for exciting patterns and interesting textures.

Implement Your Bathroom Tile Ideas

A review of the Internet uncovers dozens of finished bathroom images and can overwhelm your senses. Coming up with a tile combination that’s perfect for your home takes time and study. You can obtain glass shower door manufacturers on this website and start designing your bathroom. Your choices have to take into every aspect of the targeted bathroom, including:

  • Size – the larger the footprint the more options you have for mixing and matching tile choices.
  • Daily use – a master bathroom offers more options than a guest bath or powder room.

With these two basic considerations in mind you can move forward with your plans. As you put together your list of “must have” features bathroom design professionals suggest you review the following:

  • Elaborate patterns – small tiles creating one-of-a-kind mosaics are ideal for small areas within large rooms. Too much of a good thing – too many patterns and colors focused in one area – creates what designers call “a busy” space. Combining small mosaics with large-scale plain tiles is a better way to go.
  • Embrace ‘plain’ – when you keep the use of patterned tiles limited areas like the floor or a section of a wall it becomes easier on the eye. Contemporary tile like the many hexagonal options and variations of traditional subway tiles work well on large-scale walls. Using high-gloss finishes maximized available light, too.
  • Be consistent – too many different shapes confuses the eye. Consider using tiles of different sizes and colors but maintaining the same shape. Oblong tiles in two or more colors and different sizes make a statement without going overboard, for example.
  • Consider scale – create a balance by combining small- and large-scale patterns. Mixing tiny hexagonal mosaics on shower walls with medium-sized hexagons on walls and larger versions on the floor. Using just one or two colors is enough – blending white, gray and black is a popular trend.

Creative Tile Accents Are Plentiful

Bathroom Tile Ideas | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Bathroom tile ideas combining tiles of different sizes and shapes but the same colors create a luxurious new bathroom.

You want your bathroom renovation to deliver plenty of “wow” when family and friends take a peek, right? Creative bathroom tile ideas from floor to ceiling are just the thing. Once you’ve decided on the right color scheme, fixtures and layout it’s time to accent the space. There are several ways modern tiles enhance the final design. Consider these applications:

  • Mix and match shapes – choose a color or two and bring it to light with different shapes accented by colored grout. Common subway tiles accented with hexagonal pieces is a popular option. Even white tiles are dramatic when surrounded by contrasting colored grout. For a more subtle image, use matching grout.
  • Combine finishes – using tiles with different textures creates a special “feel.” Wood-like plank floor tiles give the impression of real wood while brick or stone adds a rustic appeal. Textured tiles combined with painted walls are dramatic and elegant.
  • Gloss vs. matte finish – do you have to decide on one finish or texture and stick with it? No, consider mixing matte finished tiles with high-gloss versions – high-gloss tile on the wall and softer matte finishes on the floor as an idea.
  • Wise color choices – there are so many color choices in modern decorative tile narrowing your selection to a few is tough. To avoid a “busy” and overpowering impact designer recommend keeping your color palette to a few related colors. You don’t have to stick with basic white, but don’t go overboard with too many different hues. Keep it clean, bright and appealing.

Combine Common Sense With Bathroom Tile Ideas

When you review all the many tile choices available for a new bathroom it’s apparent you can have anything you want. There’s no shortage of colors, textures or sizes from which to choose. Before taking on a major tile project for your bathrooms, step back and think about how each room is used every day. Your family’s demands are important in your decision. A growing family with young children presents different challenges to bathroom finishing than a retired couple settling in to age in place.

The No. 1 consideration has to be maintenance. Keeping the bathroom clean has never been more important than in 2020. Tiles with glossy finishes are easier to clean than textured or matte versions. Large tiles that require less grout are easier to maintain. You want a bathroom that doesn’t take a lot of your time and effort to look its best, right?

There are a lot of resources telling you replacing or adding tile to the bathroom is a do-it-yourself project. Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on the scope of your dream, your skill and your commitment. Unless you have all the right tools and materials it is rarely as easy as videos make it appear.

If you’re new bathroom tile is part of a total room makeover, let professionals do the job. If you’re committed to a small-scale renovation and want to do it on your own be prepared to devote plenty of time. Even if you’re convinced you’re ready to do the job, consult the professionals at Molony Tile first. They’ve been providing materials, tools and expertise to contractors and do-it-yourselfers in Dane County for more than 70 years. Molony has everything you need for a professional result including the craftsmen to do the work.

When the time comes to get creative with tile for your bathroom, call upon Madison’s respected source for specialty and traditional tiles. Choose from our vast selection of tile and take advantage of our sound advice. We have everything you need – and if it isn’t in stock we’ll get if for you! Call or email Molony Tile, 608-268-8453 and see how we can bring your bathroom tile ideas to life in your Madison WI home.

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