Bathroom Tile For Your Lifestyle

After a long, tiring day where the universe seemed to conspire against you, unwinding in a comfortable spa-like bathroom retreat sounds good, right?

Wait, you don’t have one yet – the latest in bathroom tile can breathe life into your Madison WI home.

If you’re looking to expand your master bathroom or energize a guest bath, there’s a tile for the job. Create a signature room or a personal inner sanctum with the hundreds of tiles available. Molony Tile is the unparalleled source for every creative tile application.

Technology and creativity ushered the world of ceramic tile, porcelain tile and dozens of lesser-known tile options into the 21st century with gusto. Your choice of floor tile, wall tile and tile accents is virtually unlimited. If you can envision it, there’s a tile for it – or an innovative manufacturer working on it!

Style is an equal partner with function. And, modern tile is more functional than ever. Of course tile for the bathroom repels water and is easy to clean. It’s also available in dozens of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. There’s tile just right for your new walk-in shower or custom powder room. Traditional “subway tile” is a great choice. But, you have many more color options to take it from basic to exciting. Add colored grout and apply it at an angle and it becomes elegant and stylish.

Geometry Enhances Bathroom Tile

You’re not limited to squares and rectangles. Hexagon tile is one of the most exciting new shapes. Available in many sizes, colors and textures it works for wall tile and floor tile. Once limited to small accents, large sizes are ideal on the floor and walls of a walk-in shower. From floor to ceiling it makes an impact.

As tile-makers expand, designers find more ways to enhance your lifestyle with tile. Unique modern tiles allow your personality to shine. There’s a tile for every “look,” beginning with the most common:

  • Traditional –“standard” tile for tub surrounds and showers have always been 4×4-inch squares or 3×6-inch subway tiles. Colors tend to be neutral like white or beige. Build on tradition by adding new colored tiles and grout. Or mix different sizes for a mosaic look. Take a bold step with natural stone tile and wood-look tile planks – in walls and floors.
  • Contemporary – including a host of colors and textures as your bathrooms take on modern, contemporary look. Custom tile creations with patterns and textures adding a luxurious feel. That includes glass tiles and mirror tile.

Tile For Bathrooms Isn’t Boring

There are so many choices among modern tiles – ceramic tile, porcelain tile, hand-painted tile, cement tile, glass tile, mirror tile and natural tiles. All trend-setters in their own right. You want your bathroom remodel to be unique, stylish and beyond ordinary, Right?

Consider these up and coming popular styles:

  • Edgy – Imagine using glass tiles or mirror tile in various shapes and sizes to create a bold focal point. Colors like dark red, dark blue or black make a statement.
  • Trendy – the latest “looks” you see everywhere. You want to take advantage of the latest products, but don’t forget today’s trends will fade. Choose wisely, you’ll be living with your bathroom a long time.
  • Natural – Wood-look tiles and natural stone complemented by neutral colors are turning bathrooms into relaxing getaway spas.

You’re choosing tile for your personal bathroom masterpiece because:

  • There’s a color, texture and style from ultra-modern to country-style and exotic.
  • Tiles promote sleek lines.
  • Large floor tiles and wall tiles reduce the need for grout lines.
  • There’s a new definition for “normal” tile today. Now one-foot by two-foot or two-foot by two-foot tiles are common as are 6-inch x 4-foot planks. They’re complemented by small squares, hexagons and even “H” shapes.

Look Beyond Tile’s Size And Shape

Sizes and shapes aren’t the only advances in tile makeup. When choosing you’ll look at tile finishes like:

  • A matte finish– subtle and soft it adds style plus performance. Matte finishes don’t show smudges and water marks as easily has glossy tiles. Ideal for a relaxing space because it doesn’t reflect much light.
  • Glossy finishes – high gloss is the historic standard for bathrooms. They’re elegant with a polished look. Ideal for smaller bathrooms because they reflect available light. Water spots show up and a glossy surface can be slippery.
  • Textured surfaces – choices beyond smooth or flat to add depth. The impact moves from subtle to bold for walls and floors.
  • A host of specialties – metallic gold, copper, brass and polished chrome tiles add flare. Or colored mirror tiles. Used in concert with dark hues like indigo blue, forest green or black, they go from gaudy to luxurious. Consider tile options to create themes – is it time for a UW Badger guest bathroom?

Upgrading and renovating your bathroom is a many-faceted project. It can be as simple as new paint or as complicated as knocking out walls. No matter the scale, selecting the right tile for the bathroom can make or break the project.

A clean, neutral look has been the norm for decades. More and more color is warming up bathrooms. Many avoid “too much” color in a small space like a bathroom. Some gravitate toward color and texture and a “modern” look. Color adds fun to a space.

Bathroom Tile And So Much More

Redoing a bathroom is one of the most popular remodeling projects. While choosing tile is usually the No. 1 decorating decision, there are other considerations:

  • Universal design – “aging in place” focuses on accessibility. Like making showers easy to get into and out of even with a wheelchair. Designing for comfort for your family as you age.
  • Under-floor heating – Floor tile is an ideal covering for modern under-floor heating. It would be great to walk into the bathroom on a chilled January morning and not shiver from contact with cold tile, right?
  • Convenient accents – built-in benches in showers and specialty niches for everything you need in a large shower to make it “perfect” for your family.

Molony Tile takes pride in the thousands of finished projects its tile experts have helped bring to life. We’re a resource for tiling projects of all kinds. Whether you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer or a pro planning the next job, we’re ready to help. Tap our professionals for the latest advice on tools, tiles, grouts and tiling techniques. We all want the same thing, the perfect bathroom, right?

Our only goal is to contribute to high-quality results. When you have a project in mind, give us a call to discuss:

  • Bathroom tile floors
  • Bathroom wall tiles
  • Tile tub surrounds
  • Tile shower floors and surrounds
  • Heated floors

We have a skilled, experienced team of craftsmen to guide you through our showroom of tile, grout and specialized tiling tools. When you want to dramatically transform your Madison WI home with the latest bathroom tile, Molony Tile is ready to help.