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Backsplash Tiles| Kitchen Designs | Madison WI | Molony Tile

No matter your design style, there are colors, textures and finishes available to provide you with the exciting and durable backsplash you have in mind.

When it comes to backsplash tiles, the limitations of gaudy fruit-adorned squares or basic subway reproductions are gone. Today’s kitchen designs are limited more by imagination than tile selection. Throughout the Madison WI area the old-style backsplash is being replaced by color, texture and design.

The backsplash has often been an afterthought in the design process. Traditionally respected for its role in protecting walls above a work space, it wasn’t part of the overall style. Today’s backsplash tiles complement the kitchen counters, add color and excitement to walls and reflect the personality of the room. A modern backsplash still protects walls, but does it with panache. Kitchen designs regularly include artful adaptations mixing textures, shapes and finishes. You can have glass, stone, mirrored or metal backsplash finished in addition to more traditional tiles.

Backsplash Tiles for 2017 And Beyond

Bold colors, unique materials, contemporary finishes and floor-to-ceiling installations are all on the palette for 2017 and beyond.

With today’s open concept living being extended into the kitchen, the backsplash is getting more prominent treatment. As a buffer between counter tops and the bottom of cabinets, it still does its job. In areas where fewer cabinets are used, kitchen backsplash tiles are taking on a new role. It isn’t unusual to see a backsplash go much higher than once expected – even to the ceiling. Counter to ceiling tile installations add a new focal point to kitchen remodeling plans, especially when colorful, textured mosaic tiles come into play. An extended backsplash can brighten a space with the reflective properties of the tile or through unique uses of color. Even traditional white subway tiles provide a new, lighter look when used in an expanded space.

Tile Reflects Style

Backsplash Tiles| Kitchen Designs | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Great backsplashes can provide “WOW” moments when visitors view them for the first time.

Tiles with mirrored and metallic finishes literally reflect the kitchen designer’s goal. A mirror finish provides a glossy surface that can shine in natural light. Extended to the ceiling the impact can be even more striking. Reflecting surfaces on a backsplash installation makes the most available light, especially in the newer open area creations.

With more industrial-look appliances and countertops, a metal finish provides an understated “strong” feel. Again, counter to ceiling installation emphasizes the concept. Used in smaller installations or in special shaped areas, metal-finished tiles offer an artistic appeal.

The advances in the tile industry are all transferring to backsplash designs. The options for creativity are expanding all the time. The latest in wood-look tiles can be applied as backsplash tiles to extend a weathered-look or farm kitchen motif.

To enhance a rustic look, there’s natural stone and tumbled tiles designed to resemble stone.

Whether your kitchen plans are going for glossy and reflective, rustic country or aged and weathered, there are new backsplash tiles that fit.

The Latest Shapes, Sizes and Colors Kitchen Designs

Designers are experimenting more with shapes and patterns. Homeowners want something unique instead of plane ol’ squares and rectangles. Hot patterns for 2017 and beyond include using the standard shapes in checkerboards, herringbones and chevron patterns – or whatever the designer and client can come up with.

Cultural traditions are readily incorporated into tile patterns. Egyptian, Turkish, Moroccan and Indian themes are more and more common for backsplash inspiration.

In larger spaces the patterned backsplash goes from utilitarian surface to a work of art.

One rule of thumb for installing backsplash tiles in a pattern: Avoid “busy.” Too many shapes going too many directions in a small space can come off as cluttered. With plain countertops and white cabinets, more pattern in the backsplash works. With darker cabinetry and a multifaceted texture in the countertops, the best bet is keeping backsplash designs simple.

While kitchen designs still trend toward more neutral color for backsplashes, there’s no rule against colorful displays. If you check out the latest design magazines and television broadcasts you’ll see everything from plain white to black, dark green, red or denim blue – anything goes as long as it works with the rest of the room. Designers have found the backsplash a perfect place to introduce a pop of bright color and contrast to the surroundings.

Looking to complete a kitchen remodel? What’s your backsplash of choice – counter to ceiling, metallic or mirrored, wood-look, natural stone or wildly colored mosaic? Anything goes.

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