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Textures and materials blend naturally for a unique bathroom installation.

As tile-makers create new tiles, designers find more ways to enhance your lifestyle with them. The overall experience of a new bathroom design goes well beyond functional.

Traditional bathroom tile is praised for its durability, waterproof qualities and ability to be cleaned quickly and easily. Its extreme utility hasn’t changed. In addition, new tiles bring style and personality to their function. Unique modern tiles allow your personality to shine. Tile has a variety of uses in bathroom design, including:

  • As background for colorful design and architectural elements.
  • For color, texture and style – from ultra-modern to country-style or exotic.
  • Accents or focal point – geometric shapes, metal and mirror finishes and three-dimensional forms.

Trending New Tiles

There are dozens of popular trends surfacing every year. Tile is no longer just for inside the shower or around a tub.

Bathroom design professionals from coast-to-coast report tiled showers are the No.1 “must have” elements in every bathroom remodel plan. Taking a shower is so much a part of daily life clients want it to be beyond routine – easy, comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable.

The use of tile is extending beyond the shower walls and floor. New tiles are created to work beyond the shower to the walls and floor of the entire room. They offer everything from a monochromatic blank canvas to awaiting accents to a unique focal point of many colors.

Like the backsplash in the kitchen, tile from vanity top to ceiling is popular. Full accent walls are increasingly popular – especially using the larger, wood-look tiles.

Those wood-look tiles are extremely popular as flooring for a new bathroom. Large format tiles – rectangles of 12- by 24-inches or larger – dominate floor designs. Porcelain tiles are the top choice because they are available in so many colors, textures, shapes and sizes. A new bathroom floor might look like a hardwood creation or it could let loose the spirit of its designer in a herringbone or chevron pattern.

Traditional subway tiles are far from obsolete. On the contrary, they are very popular as borders near large format tiles and as accents between design elements. Subway tiles have evolved well beyond basic neutral colors, too. They are even available in far from traditional sizes like 3- by 12-inch versions.

Tile Patterns For Bathroom Design

Colorful graphic tiles and patterned cement tiles offer a retro look to a bathroom remodel or a modern look. Colorful floors with eye-catching patterns are created with cement tiles. Floors become major accents in the room. Colorful patterned tiles are among the top priorities for tile-makers, too. More and more sizes and shapes are available all the time.

What’s the most sought after tile? For both designers and homeowners it’s the ever-expanding collection of large-format tiles. Why?

  1. They promote sleek lines
  2. Large tiles reduce the need for grout lines
  3. These tiles work on walls and floors
  4. They are both modern and traditional depending upon the style you choose

One-foot by two-foot or two-foot by two-foot sizes are becoming “normal.” However, there are larger – much larger – sizes available, too.

New Tiles, New Textures

The popularity of large tiles has gotten a great boost with the complex textures available. Many resemble real wood or stone. At first glance it is hard to tell the difference from wood-look tile and the real thing. The same is true of natural stone lookalike tiles. Tile that recreates stone creates a natural feel. Coupled with wood-look tiles the final project has a true rustic, “cabin in the woods,” feel. If your design theme revolves around a country motif tile that looks like reclaimed barn wood is your choice.

There’s an industrial modern design trend making metal finishes popular. Tile compliments these design, too. New tiles come in metal finished like copper, silver and gold.

Color Finds Its Way Into Bathroom Design

New Tiles | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Color creates a special place – let your imagination loose. There’s a tile to make it real.

A clean, neutral look has been popular in bathrooms for decades. And it still is. However, more and more color is warming up bathroom spaces. Many homeowners shy away from “too much” color in a small space like a bathroom. While others gravitate toward color and texture to avoid a stark, “too modern,” look.

Your lifestyle dictates the final outcome of your bathroom remodeling plan. Color adds fun to a space. Color adds personality to a room.

Colors are applied in many ways. Accent pieces like window treatments, decorator fixtures and custom towels add bright spots of color. Backing them are popular tiles of gray, taupe or white. A new color – or mixture – is called greige (a combo of gray and beige) is also a common background. These neutral colors allow accents to “pop.” Gray has replaced white and beige as the most sought after paint color and that carries over to tile. It is often offset with shades of blue, turquoise or green.

While most designers recommend toning down the colors, it’s all a matter of your personal lifestyle. If you want to recreate a beach-side sunrise, go for it. The only limitation is your imagination (and concern for potential resale value).

Tap A Professional For New Tiles, Tips And Techniques

With years of experience and specialized training, the tile professionals at Molony Tile keep abreast of the latest introduction of tile, grout and related tools. They know what’s hot and what top designers are using.

Contact Molony Tile for professional consultations and a complete selection of the newest tiles available. We’re Madison’s premier source for unique, durable and elegant tile solutions. Call or email Molony Tile, 608-268-8453 to discuss your bathroom design and choose the best new tiles for your Madison WI home.

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