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The unique mat construction evenly conducts heat while presenting a thin, noninvasive sublayer for a variety of flooring materials including tile, brick, stone and laminates.

Underfloor heating takes the chill out of tile floors and adds an extra layer of comfort and warmth. Especially appropriate for the bathroom, it provides a touch of luxury as well as performance. Nuheat Flooring Systems combine innovative engineering with energy-efficient technology and controls to provide the best underfloor systems for Madison WI and the surrounding area.

Radiant electric underfloor systems provides the best control and ultimate heating comfort. Adding a heating element to the floor means that every surface of your room is being heated, providing for even warmth and comfort and that’s why the people use AC Repair services like Air conditioning repair service Jacksonville to install and repair air conditioners. It also means a bathroom warms faster in the early morning. With no vents or fans, there’s no circulation of dust or allergens. The room’s climate is cleaner and healthier.

Underfloor Heating In Any Room

Nuheat systems can be installed in any room of the house during new construction or a remodeling project. The systems work with a variety of floor surfaces and are ideal for tile, stone and laminate or engineered wood floors. There are standard solutions as well as made-to-order custom designs for every requirement.

Features that make underfloor heating more and more attractive include:

  • Comfort – Nothing better than stepping from the shower onto a nice warm floor on a Madison WI winter’s morning
  • Even heat distribution – no cold/warm spots even in the corners of the room
  • Provides warmth at lower temperatures – heat distribution means even heat without raising the thermostat
  • Fits any décor – With the system out of sight there’s no radiator or vent to intrude
  • Flexible installations – Can be installed beneath tiles, stone, brick, wood and even some carpet
  • Energy-efficient – Maintains warmth even in a drafty room or with windows open
  • Underfloor systems can enhance value – Known as “State-of-the-art” a system can increase the resale value of the home

Additional considerations include:

Nu Heat underfoor heating | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Radiant electric floor level heating is suitable for almost any room in the house and can be adapted to virtually all shapes and sizes.

  • Even the best system isn’t “instant on,” so using a programmable thermostat is a wise option
  • Best suited for rooms like the bathroom because installation may not accept the pressures of heavy furniture
  • Nuheat can be the primary source of heat in smaller rooms that do not have traditional heat vents

Nuheat Systems Set The Standard

These industry-leading systems provide all the underfloor heating options from free-form, loose cables to membranes and mesh-style designs. Each is prebuilt to exacting specifications for standard and custom mat installations. Understanding that specific designs are best suited for certain applications and having the expertise to know the difference sets each option apart from competition.

There’s a long history of achievement and success:

  • 1989 – the first proprietary mat electric floor heating system, prebuilt standard and custom mats
  • 2006 – Introduced the industry’s only flush-mounted programmable thermostat (The Harmony)
  • 2008 – Launched the industry-leading line of free form heating cable
  • 2014 – Announces the world’s first WIFI-enabled floor heating thermostat (The Signature)
  • 2016 – Releases the unique Membrane-integrated floor heating tile underlayment
  • 2017 – Launched its proprietary modified mesh-style floor system

Among the most talked-about features available is the Signature thermostat. The first WIFI-enabled control for underfloor systems, it’s user-friendly custom features, including:

  • 5-inch color touchscreen
  • Accessible via either iOS or Android app
  • 7-day programmability
  • Can be linked with Nest thermostat system for additional controls, timing

More Than Just Underfloor Heating Technology

The industry leader for 25 years, Nuheat has more to offer than just the latest in high-tech advantages. Behind every innovation is a solid organization of customer service specialists. With four dedicated offices in North America and trained service technicians in every state, there’s support for every electric floor heating system. Behind every installation and product is an extensive, industry-leading warranty. Nuheat underfloor systems products are supported by a 25-year total care warranty when installed by a Nuheat certified PRO installer. The coverage includes repairs/replacements and installation of heating products and floor coverings.

Work With The Pros to Make Your Remodel Special

For the latest from heating system for below your flooring, contact Molony Tile, a source for unique, durable and elegant tile solutions in Madison WI and greater Dane county including Middleton, Waunakee, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Oregon, Stoughton, Cottage Grove and Sun Prairie.

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