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When it comes to tiling options, the latest in hexagonal tile opens the world to creative expression.

If you’re looking for a unique new look in a bathroom, kitchen, entryway or mudroom, the latest in hexagonal tile is just the thing. Traditional square and rectangular tiles are giving way to geometric shapes that offer creative tiling options to Madison WI homeowners. Let your imagination loose with the latest sizes and colors on floors and walls.

The extra two sides – hexagonal means six-sided – on each tile can make a truly big difference in the look of a finishing project. Take a utilitarian product like tile and jazz it up with eye-grabbing visual interest to create more than just a nice looking kitchen or bathroom.

As you plan a new-look room with hexagonal tile you’ll have dozens of new textures, colors and sizes to choose from. The smallest versions are often referred to as mosaic tiles and may come in prepared sheets for easy installation. The new larger individual tiles come individually for application using traditional methods.

As with any tiling option, a good plan should be drawn ahead of time – making sure the measurements of wall or floor are accurate. Once the plan is complete, selecting the right number of tiles for the space can be tricky. Not all hexagonal pieces are measure and labeled the same. Some manufacturers measure the hex shape from point to point while others measure from flat side to flat side. A 3-inch hexagonal piece that’s measured point-to-point won’t be the same size as one measured side to side. Some manufactures provide both measurements.

Hexagonal Tile | Tiling Options | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Looking to make a statement? There’s a hexagonal tile that can truly make a difference.

TIP FROM A PRO – Always read the labels carefully when determining how many of these unique tiles you’ll need. If your design calls for mixing colors within a design, makes sure all the tiles come from the same manufacturer so all the measurements are done the same.

Creating with Hexagonal Tile

Traditional square tiles go together very simply, leaving little to the imagination. That’s not true with the new geometric shapes. They leave plenty of room for imagination – colors, textures, design elements. The latest in tiling options offer vibrant contrasts to neutral paint schemes and eye-catching opportunities for artistic expression.

TIP FROM A PRO – Before you get started with hexagonal pieces, determine the orientation of individual tiles that you prefer – flat side down or pointed side down? Lay out a few pieces to see which pattern catches your eye. Points up provides a staggered look, but is often considered “busy.” Flat side down is easier to line up the various rows of tile. Just a matter of choice best decided before the work begins.

Geometric shapes are so different from standard tiles that they can be overwhelming, especially when one or more to the latest color combinations are used. As your plan comes together, consider:

  • Keep it simple – the size of each piece, the colors and the color of the grout all have impact on the finished surface. When you want a subtle look, use grout that matches the tile – contrasting colored grout can have a great visual impact so keep it in mind. White hexagonal tile works well in today’s kitchen styles with gray or off-white walls, especially with gray or even black grout.
  • Paint with tile – let your creativity flow and mix colors on walls and floors. Geometric floral patterns, mosaics and free-form designs can be achieved with a blend of colors and textures. Depth perception can be changed using a mixture of light to dark and dark to light tiles.
  • Explore patterns – among the newest offerings in hexagonal tile are many with patterns as well as color and texture. You can build a larger design using a combination of choices. Among the latest selections are wood-look tiles in the hexagon shape.
  • Don’t hesitate to ‘mix and match’ – one of the hottest designs in kitchens and bathrooms blends geometric tiles with the standard linear versions – a hexagonal tile floor with subway tile walls, or large square tiles on a bathroom floor with hexagonal pieces in the shower.

Tiling Options Throughout The House

Tile has become extremely popular throughout the house an no longer relegated to baths and kitchens. Consider the latest in tile for the following:

  • Creative flooring – Hexagonal floor tile works extremely well in virtually any room – kitchen, bathroom, hallway, entryway, mud room, laundry. Because it has a “vintage” appeal, hexagonal tile is often used in bathrooms where a retro or farm-style décor is being created. The new larger tiles are increasing in popularity while many people prefer the traditional mosaic sizes. Because smaller tiles have more grout lines they offer a better grip to slippery floors, and have been preferred choices in and around showers for decades.
  • Climb the walls – the latest in hexagonal tile is ideal for striking walls, custom showers and kitchen backsplashes. They come in bold colors and offer shapes that advance the design beyond ordinary. Recent design trends have advanced the use of large tiles often considered “floor tiles” for use on walls, too. Smaller tiles represent more traditional, classic design style while the large tiles provide modern and contemporary flare.

Advances in Materials

Advances in tiles have evolved beyond shapes, sizes, textures and colors. They include more material choices. All the popular material used in tiles can be cut in the hexagonal shape which means there’s a lot to choose from. While porcelain and ceramic are the two most common choices for most tiling options, geometric shapes are expanding the offerings. Marble tile is well-known for adding a luxurious, antique look. Hexagonal tile is also available made from cement – a way to mimic far more expensive materials. Natural stones like onyx, slate and travertine add real sizzle. For additional effects consider mother of pearl, metallic, mirrored or natural clay.

Professional Advice for Tiling Options

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