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A reliable standard, new colors and sizes make subway tile hotter than ever in 2021.

Choosing the perfect tile for bathroom renovations is always tough. There are so many options. In 2021 deciding on which tile is right for your Madison WI area home will not be any easier. There are more color, form, texture, size and material choices than ever therefore make sure you check out the top tile stores in Madison WI. Two things remain consistent going into the new year:

  1. Tile is the most popular finishing product for a bathroom remodel
  2. Tile-makers continue to get creative with styles and materials

Tile trends for 2021 continue to combine fashion and elegance with performance – whether applied on the floor or on a wall.

Among the hottest introductions to look forward to are:

  • Graphic patterned accents – accent tiles for both floors and walls are available with even more dramatic patterns than ever. Everything from subtle shades to dynamic bright colors. Simple patterns to complex designs. Encaustic (cement) tiles are the top choice for patterns and distinctive colors. However, patterns are available in other materials, too. Look for bold prints and vibrant colors in more porcelain choices.
  • Subway tile with pizazz – if you think subway tile is old and outdated, think again. New introductions are anything but boring. Look for more size variations, color options and unique ways to make subway offerings shine. Add contracting grout colors for more impact. Create a pattern with basic shapes – vertical, horizontal or herringbone for instance.
  • Shift shapes – hexagonal tiles are even more diverse and popular. The hexagon is the most popular alternative tile shape. Available in so many colors, sizes and textures they’re top choices for floors and walls, especially in large walk-in showers.

Choose A Finish On Tile For Bathroom Remodel

Shapes and colors are just two elements going into selecting the perfect tile to give your bathroom a facelift. Everyone is familiar a bright shiny tiles, right? There are more matte finishes coming in the months ahead and new “bright shiny” options, too.

Begin by examining the matte finish options. What does a matte finish add to a bathroom renovation:

  • It softens natural light – which is highly prized in modern bathroom remodeling plans.
  • Its “dullness” doesn’t reveal water marks easily and water doesn’t stay on the surface. long. The haze-look makes maintenance easier.

A glossy finish will never go out of style. Why? Consider:

  • High-gloss is elegant and gives the room a highly-polished appearance.
  • The tile reflects light so it’s ideal for a small, window-less power room or guest bath.

Among the newest trends in the last year or so it more interest in metal and mirrored tiles in the bathroom. Don’t expect that popularity to go away in 2021. In fact, metallic are gaining popularity as tile for bathroom use. It’s shiny, reflective so it uses all the light available and it’s elegant. Mirrored metallic tile isn’t for everyone but if your lifestyle and imagination is up for it, there’s plenty to choose from.

Popular And Unique Bathroom Tiles

Tile For Bathroom | Ceramic Tile | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Ready for a dramatic bathroom remake – there’s a tile to fit anything you dream up.

Color, patterns and final finish on bathroom tile can be enhanced by its texture. Texture, the ins and outs of a tile’s surface, can be thin and subtle or pronounced. Most every tile material is available in many textures. One of the hottest trends gaining increased momentum is the use of 3-dimensional tile. These distinctive textures provide the illusion of depth. While they’re serviceable and versatile many designs double as works of art. For a one-of-a-kind space, consider stamping your bathroom with wall art made from tile.

The bathroom floor is another space wide open to display your lifestyle choices. Hardwood floors are the “in thing” throughout most Madison area home, but they aren’t ideal in a bathroom. Real wood and most laminates don’t mix well with water. However you can have the best of all worlds with porcelain tile that looks like real wood. Wooden plank tiles took off a few years ago and continue to grow in popularity. Manufacturers, taking the public’s response to heart, are bringing more and more wood looks to market, too. You can have the texture of oak or reclaimed barn boards. Look for colorful cherry, maple, ash and oak color variations, too. Porcelain is ideal in the bathroom because it resists moisture and dirt. Long, wide tile planks require less grout so your new floor is easier to keep clean, too.

Wood-print tiles are great on the floor but are even more exciting on the walls. With spa-like walk-in showers high on homeowner wish lists, applying wood tile planks to walls creates exceptionally creative spaces. When real wood is impractical, using wood-like tiles that are easy to keep clean and look great makes a lot sense, right?

High-tech digital printing has brought the tile industry into the 21st century in a big way. Not only do large format digital printers make vibrant colors and detailed patterns possible, they create textures, too.

Tile For Bathroom Surfaces In The Age Of COVID-19

There’s nowhere in the world that isn’t concerned with individual health and controlling germs. The bathroom has always been a room where molds, mildew and germs are a concern. In the age of COVID-19 there’s no such thing as being too cautious. Thankfully, tile suppliers are ahead of the curve when it comes to making individual bathroom products safe.

Tile-makers’ laboratories have been working overtime to create products that are easier to clean and sanitize. One of the most exciting results is the creation of anti-microbial glazes that can be applied via digital printers. Testing shows the glazes to be as effective as most household disinfecting products. They make perfect tile for bathroom use.

Germs need heat and moisture to flourish. Water-resistant ceramic tiles fight off bacteria, mold and mildew. Treated tiles are easy to clean – some used on walls are said to be almost self-cleaning.

Always considered by interior designers as artistic accents modern tiles have stepped up their performance value, too. In porcelain, ceramic or one of the many other choices, modern tile’s use is limited only by your imagination. While it’s great in the bathroom and kitchen, it’s finding its way into every room of the house, too. Why not take advantage of all these benefits and styles all over your home?

Are you ready to explore what the 2021 trends in tile have to offer your home? When you are, Molony Tile is the Madison area’s top resource. Staffed by experienced, skilled professionals we take pride providing tile for high-quality jobs anywhere in the Madison area. And we’ve been doing it for more than 70 years. We’re here to supply all the top builders in the area. And, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we’re here for your too – we’ve seen it all and are ready with tools and advice to go with our selection of tiles and grouts.

Look to Molony Tile for everything you need. Call 608-268-8453 or email us to see what we have to offer and set up an appointment to review the tile for bathroom remodels we provide to Madison WI homeowners.

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