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Like a hand-stitched quilt this tile backsplash perfectly accents a country kitchen.

Your tile choices say a lot about you and your lifestyle. Tile adds a lot everywhere you employ it. Your Madison WI home can benefit from modern tiles anywhere from the kitchen backsplash, or master bathroom walk-in shower to the laundry room floor. And, it’s a designer’s delight in almost any other room, too. Tile adds color, dimension, shine and texture. It is both attractive and functional. The best thing to do is go to one of the best tile stores Madison WI has to offer.

Can you imagination the kitchen or spa-like bathroom you’ve always wanted? Let your imagination loose when you select tile. There’s something for everyone. Start with the basics:

  • Shapes – everyone is familiar with the basic squares and rectangles but don’t overlook octagonal creations, round tiles and lantern-inspired curves. Are your ready to try a geometric mosaic of your own design?
  • Colors – there are hundreds of colors and colors within colors – dozens of whites and shades of gray, for example. There are neutral colors, natural tones, bold hues and subtle pastels.

Fuel your imagination with nearly unlimited designs, sizes, shapes, finishes and colors. No need to be limited by straight lines and traditional shapes. You can create a one-of-a-kind statement for your home.

Before you decide upon tile for your space take a close look at the room at different times of day Observe how natural light plays with surfaces. Are there dark spots and shadows? Strategically-placed tile can make these areas appear lighter.

Tile does more than cover a wall or floor and protect it from moisture. Today it’s a design element. Many kitchen designs revolve around a favorite tile pattern. And, when it comes to designing with tile, don’t overlook the value of grout. Choosing the right grout for your tile is a key to success. Don’t forget colored grout adds emphasis and accent to ultra-modern and traditional tiles.

Tile Choices Mix And Match

Tile Choices | Madison WI | Molony Tile

This unique tile application gives new meaning to the term sparkle.

Kitchen backsplashes have become focal points for creative tile installations but decorative tile isn’t limited to one room. Products specifically designed and recommended for a backsplash are usually made to resist not only moisture but grease, dirt, dings and scratches, too. Can you appreciate how these rugged attributes make sense for mud rooms and laundries – or a kids’ bathroom – as well?

With so many tiles to choose from selection can be confusing – the first reaction to the Molony Tile showroom is often a quick inhale followed by “oh wow!” Modern tile fits every interior design style from a vintage kitchen, a farmhouse motif to Olde English Manor House, Spanish Revival or 2020 Uptown loft.

Would one of these options fit your lifestyle?

Inviting laundry room – cheery tile lightens the chores of laundry and makes a dedicated space more inviting. Appropriate tile works on walls and floors – anywhere water might wind up. Bold colors mixed with light hues keep it clean and bright. Custom designs and patterns make the space family-friendly, too.

A statement wall – take tile and your family out of its comfort zone with unique applications away from the kitchen or bathroom. Hand-painted tile in a dining room alcove makes an elegant addition. Floor-to-ceiling installation of wood-look tiles provides a rustic flare. Large, laser-printed tiles bring in a modern vibe plus an international flare.

Vintage Accents – not all tile has to look brand new. Antique finishes and classic lines provide a timeless charm. Especially important when maintaining a true period feel, modern tile can look “old.” An ideal spot for traditional tiles during a living room renovation is as an update to a fireplace surround. Tiles are clean, neat and attractive.

Design Around Tile Choice

Tile Choices | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Make a strong statement with a creative wood-look tile wall.

Have you heard “think outside the box” so often you’re tired of it? Well, when it comes to building a home remodel plan around tile you really can. Let your imagination loose. Express yourself with a tile mosaic or your own abstract “painting.” You have a palette of everything from rich earthy colors to mirrored finishes and real metal pieces. Combine materials with colors, shapes and textures and you have media every artist envies.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match tile types and specialty grouts. It’s your blank canvas, anything goes. Does the idea of creating something that’s actually “set in stone” worry you? Here’s a tip from professionals…

Work out your pattern on a piece of graph paper first. You can lay it out on the floor or a countertop ahead of time to make sure everything fits as it should. If you’re a “first-timer” work with a professional like the folks at Molony Tile to be sure what you envision will work.

Decorative tile is an excellent choice for flooring. It not only looks great, it is durable and easy to clean. Some styles provide texture for traction in often-wet areas like entry ways and mud rooms. Many are perfect for under-floor heating systems – wouldn’t it be a treat to step out of your shower onto a warm floor on a January morning?

There are tiles that shimmer like jewels in natural light, adding drama and elegance to a room. Many are available for a unique backsplash. Glass tiles have been in use for centuries and modern technology has boosted them into prominence again. Glass isn’t porous so it’s easy to clean even around steaming pots and splattering grease. Because glass is fragile it is best used as accents to backsplash designs.

More Statement Tile Choices Than Ever

Always great in the bathroom and kitchen tile has found its way into every room of the house. And why not?  Modern tiles have stepped up their performance value. The application for modern tile is limited only by your imagination. Tiles retain their well-earned reputation as reliable wall coverings where water is an issue. But they have moved way beyond simple subway tiles in the shower.

Are you ready to explore all the ways to make a statement with tile in your home? Then it’s time to contact Molony Tile the Madison area’s top resource. For more than 70 years our experienced, skilled professional staff has provided tile for high-quality jobs anywhere in the Madison area. Molony Tile supplies all the top builders in the area. And, we’re here if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. Over seven decades we’ve seen it all and are ready with tools and advice to go with our selection of tiles and grouts.

Molony Tile provides everything you need. Call 608-268-8453 or email us to see what we have to offer and set up an appointment to review the vast array of tile choices for Madison WI homeowners.

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