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Combinations of texture and shape give the Mirrored Overhead Cabinets a truly unique feel.Today, those are all vital, but style has come to the forefront. Tile must function, but look great in the process.

Bathroom tiles have taken on life and energy all their own in the 21st century. Squares, rectangles and off-white, how boring! Bathroom tiles are anything but boring for 2018. Colors, surface textures, shapes and sizes all provide hundreds of tiling options to enliven your Madison WI home.

Tile selection that was once fairly easy – what version of white do you want? Has been complicated and enhanced by the myriad of choices available today. Tile used to be selected based on three basic functions: resistance to water, durability and low maintenance.

Trends in Bathroom Tiles

Shiny tiles in various shades of white – or yellow for the adventurous – where the norm not long ago. Now the adventurous have taken over and tiling options include:

  • Matte Finishes – a subtle, soft finish that adds a powerful style element along with top performance features. Matte finishes don’t show smudges and water marks as easily has glossy tiles – making them ideal for busy bathrooms. One drawback, matte finishes don’t reflect light well so your bathroom will need appropriate lighting.
  • Glossy Finishes – A high shine adds dramatic impact to bathroom tiles and creates an elegant, polished look. Especially suited for smaller bathrooms because they reflect light well and create a perception of more room. Drawbacks include more required maintenance and they can be slippery when wet.
  • Color Options – anything goes when it comes to color in the bathroom. Neutral colors continue to be popular because they complement natural wood and stone. Neutrals in shades of gray, beige and cream are popular. Don’t overlook blue, red or yellow. Bright colors are definitely “in.” If you’re looking to dress up the space with dramatic accents, try traditional white for your basic background. For a more contemporary look, bold, rich and darker colored tiles are among the top choices.
  • Textures – moving beyond smooth surfaces, textured bathroom tiles add depth to the color and the design. The affect can be subtle or stark, working on floors, walls and even ceilings.

Bombarded with images of the latest and greatest bathroom tile installations, there’s plenty to inspire the next renovation.

Designing With Tile

Tiling Options | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Looking for an industrial, retro look? Bringing natural materials into your bathroom is one of your tiling options.

The use of tile as a primary design element is commonplace. Not just an accent, modern tile can easily become the focal point of a bathroom renovation. Color and texture lend themselves to modern designs that include:

  • Unique patterns – intricate patterns of tile bring a room to life. No longer is a designer reined in by small tiles in straight rows of right angles. Shower walls lined with “reclaimed barn boards,” are popular along with complex uses of specially shaped tiles – hexagons, etc. The once novel herringbone pattern is frequently used on walls and floors using plain or colored tiles – or a combination.
  • Unique Specialties – for truly remarkable first impressions, mirrored and metallic bathroom tiles stand out. For reflections of luxury and opulence, try gold, copper or brass. Metallic or mirrored tiles forming a border or accent designs make a statement without appearing gaudy – clean, fresh white says “luxury” while dark colors like indigo blue and black are excellent for a spa-like finish.

Choosing the right tile goes beyond color. There are many tiling options to provide non-traditional décor, specialty themes and high-end performance. When looking for a unique, memorable bathroom tiles, consider:

  • Natural Elements – inspired by an overall trend to use more natural materials in home decorating, bringing the natural world into the bathroom has gotten a boost from technology. Natural stone and marble work into custom bathroom designs, especially for a spa-like creation. Advances in sealants, grouts and finishes have opened doors to bring more natural materials into the space.
  • Plank Flooring – continuing the natural-look to the bathroom floor has brought about a rapid rise in large-sized, wood-look tiles. Long, narrow tile planks that look like hardwood flooring are idea for bathrooms. Here, the appeal of hardwood has to be tempered by the need for flooring that resists water. Porcelain wood-look tiles work well on floors and walls, resisting stains and water marks. They are available in many wood finishes – oak, maple, cherry, distressed, weathered and even whitewashed.
  • Traditional with Sizzle – 3- by 6-inch rectangular tiles known as “subway tiles” have been the fallback for decades. You could get any color as long as it was white. Now, subway tiles are available in many colors, varying sizes and unusual styles – domed, beveled, arched and sculptured. Combined with colored grout, tiles of different colors and avoiding traditional straight horizontal rows gives subway tiles new life. The possible tiling options are almost endless.

Professional Advice Makes Tile Selection Easier

For creative tile design ideas, and tiling options, contact Molony Tile, a source for unique, durable and elegant tile solutions in Madison WI and greater Dane county including Middleton, Waunakee, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Oregon, Stoughton, Cottage Grove and Sun Prairie.

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