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Installing classic white tiles in a unique pattern keeps a kitchen fresh and bright while escaping the often over-worked traditional subway tiles.

For a clean, classic look subway tiles are the standard. Today there are subway tile alternatives revealing fresh, new tile designs. White subway tiles are the traditional go-to for good reason, they blend with most styles and color combinations. The 3×6-inch white tiles are replicas of turn-of-the-century subway station design. In Madison WI and across the nation, kitchen backsplash treatments are a hot trend. Almost anything goes – from bold, dramatic and colorful to shades of white.

With farmhouse kitchens popular, the use of white tile is atop the list of designer choices. It’s traditional and works with many added elements. If you want something other than rectangular tiles but want to maintain a neutral, fresh look, consider the many options.

Creating with White Tile Designs

A classic white backsplash complements dozens of kitchen decors but it doesn’t have to be plain or dated. Consider just a few of these popular alternatives to standard subway tile:

  • Hexagon tiles – designers are creating more interesting designs with these versatile pieces. They are available in many sizes and elongated versions are applied horizontally or vertically, adding to their appeal. There are hexagon tiles with iridescent finishes and with a dark grout for contrast make a striking statement.
  • Herringbone patterns – large-, medium- and small-sized backsplash tiles all fii in a classic herringbone pattern, bringing another classic look to a contemporary kitchen.

    Subway Tile Alternatives | Madison WI | Molony Tile

    Elongated hexagonal tiles replace subway tiles without changing the overall impact of a classic white backsplash.

  • Squares from rectangles – strategically placing rectangular tiles can create unique squares. Experimenting with sizes, it’s possible to create a square with a smaller square inside it for another tile of a different texture or color.
  • Geometric tile layouts – tiles shaped and grouped form a variety of geometric looks. Hexagonal tiles and diamond-shaped tiles combined with traditional squares and rectangles catch the eye.
  • Square trays – these unique tiles have an edge that makes them look like small trays. A backsplash like this provides a classic look with an added feeling of depth.

Subway Tile Alternatives in Madison

These are but a few of the alternatives available for a fresh, white backsplash treatment. If you want to add a real splash, all these options and many more come in an extensive palette of colors and textures.

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