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The ultra-modern look in this bathroom is achieved with textured tile walls and wood-look tile floors.

The use of decorative tile in bathroom and kitchen creations continues to grow. With more and more tile in multiple shapes, colors and textures it provides interior designers with great variety. If you’re looking to create tile design in your Madison WI home, 2019 will be a perfect year.

Tile for walls and floors has always been popular and in recent years it has seen new life and expanded applications. New tiles go beyond functional, easy to clean walls and floors. Patterns, shapes, textures and colors provide tile design opportunities for artistic creations and personal statements.

2019 Trends in Tile Design

Industry experts don’t see remodeling activity slowing down anytime soon. The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) suggests the market will be strong through 2021.

Many of the hot products introduced in the last year or two continue to increase in popularity as designers find more ways to use them. The hottest trends in tile decorative tiles and tile design for 2019 include:

Wood-look tiles — the hottest trend for bathroom flooring is tile that looks like hardwood. These tiles look like planks and come in a variety of sizes. There’s a tile design to mimic almost any real wood floor. Wood-look tiles have texture and patterns representing the grain of traditional woods. You can have a modern look or a truly rustic appearance of old barn boards. The most popular color choices for bathrooms are lighter shades of gray or white-washed. Tiles mirroring traditional hardwoods are favored for kitchens, mud rooms and entryways. Tiles beat real wood when it comes to cleaning and standing up to the elements.

Decorative Tile Expands The Imagination

Decorative Tile |Tile Design | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Black and white stenciled tile make a “splash” in this small bathroom.

Black and White — fits any décor. Black and white stenciled decorative tiles fit anywhere from a true retro design to a vintage farmhouse style. Use black and white tiles as contrasting elements. Stenciled tiles are available in a vast number of patterns. These tiles are available in almost as many sizes and shapes as patterns.

Mosaic Creations — White marble and black/white patterned mosaic tile creations are all the rage heading into 2019. Because tiles come in so many different shapes and sizes – traditional subway tiles, large and small squares, herringbone, chevron, hexagons, basket weaves mosaics are easy to create. Designers have so many options to mix and match colors, shapes and sizes on floors, walls in showers. The blend of light and dark plus shapes and textures adds to the mystique. Tile design for 2019 is more flexible than ever.

Keeping it soft, warm — tile is available in hundreds of color combinations and the top trend is to keep most designs light and neutral. Neutral colors, especially lighter ones, are popular for bathrooms. Lighter colors open up the space visually. Variations of white, cream and light gray are popular choices as well as the new color – “greige” a combination of gray and beige. Fixtures, paint colors and accessories add the extra impact of bright colors.

Subtle finishes — matte finishes are replacing more traditional glossy tiles. They show less dirt and fewer water spots. They’re easier to keep clean, too. Matte finishes are available with woodgrain and texture to mimic fabric.

Remodel For Safety, Comfort

Textured, slip-resistant— when it comes to floor tiles, it is always “safety first.” The Porcelain Enamel Institute PEI rates the surface of tiles for hardness and durability. Wall-rated tile should never be used on floors because it won’t hold up to foot-traffic, for example. Check the Porcelain Enamel Institute to see how the tile you want to use is rated.

Natural stone — porcelain and ceramic tile are still the leaders and natural stone tiles are gaining popularity. Stone makes a statement but is porous and requires sealing, and resealing every few years. Too much stone, or using stone that’s too large for the space is overpowering.

Special touches — with advances in technology the addition of radiant heat floors is no longer a pure luxury. Stepping into a bathroom with a warm floor is a treat to start the day on a cold Madison winter morning.

Find A Source For Decorative Tile, Sound Advice

Note: While radiant heat can be used under a number of flooring

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