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Combine the appropriate tools with a skilled handler and installing tile can be a reasonable project for the do-it-yourselfer, or one for an experienced professional – your choice.

The use of tile throughout the house is a hot DIY project trend. And the pros and cons of tile installation is a hot topic among home do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The question is basic – Can I do it myself? With the ever-increasing sizes, shapes and finishes of today’s tile products, the concept of DIY installation as a weekend endeavor gets less attractive. Consulting a professional tile supplier will help make the decision between taking on a DIY project or contracting with a professional for the job.

Anyone Can Complete a Tile Installation

When you have a few basic skills and the appropriate tools, most anyone can install tile. The question is do you want to make the commitment. Is it as easy as it looks in the online videos? Consider:

  • Different tile requirements – not all tile is installed in the same way with the same materials. Some tiles need specific adhesives, grouts and cutting tools.
  • Additional remodeling concerns – Remodeling projects that include tile installation may also require the skills of a plumber, electrician or skilled carpenter, find out if they have emergency electrical service or any other service that will require.
  • Permits and regulations – does your remodeling project require local permits?
  • Special tools – not every DIY project requires the job-specific tools essential to working with tile, so you may or may not have what you need.

Just as not all tiles are made from the same materials, they don’t all respond in the same way to DIY applications therefore visit the tile shop Madison residents use for their first choice. Some fit together easily for a fine finished project. Others are more temperamental and require attention to detail – especially when cutting to fit. Most ceramic tiles, for example, have similar installation requirements requiring it to be aligned in a straight line. Decorator tiles with patterns – on in an installation job creating a pattern, the process is more complex. In each case, maintaining accurate spacing is critical.

Tip From A Pro:  If you’re planning to use the new, longer plank-style tiles or thin decorator tiles, be sure to order significantly more pieces because these have a tendency to break more easily than conventional tiles.

Must-have Ingredients For Successful Tile Installation

Shopping at a professional tile supplier in Madison WI will acquaint any would-be DIY project master with the dozens of tile options available. There are many more than most people realize. Once you’ve decided a tile project is in your future, evaluating and selecting the size, color, design and basic make-up of tiles is the next major step. The next consideration is commitment. Two ingredients to a successful tile installation will determine if it’s a DIY project or an opportunity to work with an experienced professional. Evaluate these concerns:

  • Tools – Do you have the required tools? Are you willing buy them for a one-time project? Are they available for rent? Here are a few of the basics you’ll need in your toolbox:
    • Bucket
    • Grout float
    • Level
    • Nippers
    • Notched trowel
    • Rags
    • Safety glasses
    • Sanding block
    • Tape measure
    • Utility knife
    • Tile saw – or special blade

If you don’t want to buy the special tools or rent what you need, the cost of a professional is an investment. Relying upon the expertise and experience of a tiling specialist can be a wise investment in any case.

  • Time – A DIY project that includes tile installation cannot be rushed. It takes attention to detail. The more complicated the design or fragile the tile, the more time it will take – and if it’s your first attempt to install tiles, it will take longer than you thought. Can you commit to the time it takes, or would your time be better spent on something you’re more comfortable with while a pro takes on the remodeling project?

To help determine your best tile installation options, contact Molony Tile, a source for unique, durable and elegant tile solutions in Madison WI and greater Dane county including Middleton, Waunakee, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Oregon, Stoughton, Cottage Grove and Sun Prairie.

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