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A distinctive blend of tile and unique wood provides a low-maintenance transition from one room to another.

Blending a durable ceramic tile floor with classic hardwood flooring is a high-end option for a unique, customized look. Combing the two materials in the same room impresses visitors and would-be buyers when the time comes to move from your Madison WI home. Mixing a tile design into a hardwood floor requires careful planning and attention to detail – especially tile color and texture.

In recent years dozens of new flooring materials, both woods and tiles appeared. There are exotic like Brazilian walnut, cork and bamboo. They complement standards like oak, cherry and maple. A custom tile works with laminated wood flooring, too. Let your imagination guide you to the tile that’s right for your lifestyle and décor. Choose from the basics or go with colors, shapes or natural stone.

Where Your Tile Design Fits Best

While you can combine wooden floors with a custom tile installation almost anywhere, there are areas that get the most attention: The kitchen and any high-traffic are like family rooms, laundry rooms, entryways and wherever these areas come together.

Today’s popular wide-open format lends itself especially well to blending tile with other floor coverings. Where walls once divided one room from another your floor covering can do the same thing today. The kitchen is the focal point of family life and moving traffic smoothly through it is important.

Tile Floor | Madison WI | Molony Tile

While tile protects where water is likely, a hardwood floor connects the rest of the home décor with this elegant bathroom.

  • Kitchen Combinations – using tile for the floor in a kitchen is a standard because it easily matches countertops and backsplashes. Creating a smooth transition to wooden floors takes stain, color and wood grain into consideration. Do you match the kitchen cabinets or provide a striking contrast? A popular design trend is to outline appliances and kitchen islands with tile while using hardwood for the overall room. Tile where spills and splatters are most common protects the wood while making a decorative statement.

Natural wood flooring is the most common “must have” for new homes and remodeling projects. Advances in decorative tiles that look like wood are also popular. Because these two elements work almost seamlessly combinations in living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms are popular.

  • Living Space Combinations – wooden floors create warm, inviting living and gathering spaces. The more the space is used, the more wear on wood surfaces – especially in families with children and pets. Add a fireplace and the potential for damage to wood goes up. These stresses are why incorporating tile within living spaces makes sense. Installing tile around the fireplace hearth is ideal – ceramic tile, natural stone, slate or any number of other options. Blending tile and wood around doors leading outside protects the wood, too.
Tile Floor Design | Madison WI | Molony Tile

A tile buffer between the outdoors and polished hardwood floors is a logical choice.

Ideal Locations For Your Tile Floor

Tile is durable as well as attractive. Anywhere daily traffic brings the outside elements in – rain, snow, dirt and debris – is an ideal spot for a custom tile installation. Rather than using a variety of pieces to shield your hardwoods from the elements, blend a tile into the wooden floor for the best of both materials. In addition to its good looks, the blend of tile with wood represents a low-maintenance option. Tile walking spaces seamlessly blended with wooden floors provide space for family and visitors to get rid of sand or dirt that scratch and mar a wooden surface.

For professional consultations, innovative tile creations, installation and selection, contact Molony Tile, Madison’s premier source for unique, durable and elegant tile solutions. Call or email Molony Tile, 608-268-8453 to explore creative tile design ideas and suggestion blending hardwood with a tile floor in your Madison WI home.