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Green Bathroom Tile | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Looking for a dramatic bathroom experience? Blend green and gold!

Color affects feelings and attitudes; one reason green bathroom tile is finding its way into today’s bathroom renovation projects. Green is a calming color. It is the color of rejuvenation. You begin and end your day in your Madison WI bathroom, so why not create a stress-reducing space? You want to get off to a good start, and winding down in a private sanctuary is a pleasant thought, too, isn’t it?

The benefits of modern tile are well known however, you really need to touch and feel them, therefore come down to our Madison tile shop today. If you want to add or replace tile in your master bathroom, guest bathroom or a powder room there’s no shortage of choices. When it comes to even a basic color called “green” there are dozens of choices. Dark shades, tints, glossy vs. matte finishes, you have a lot to think about. Green tile gives you options for your bathroom remodel from bald, dramatic impact to calming, classic tones.

Bathroom plans, especially in older homes, tend to be predictable – neutral colored tile and paint, white toilet, sink and tub plus chrome fixtures. Even newer homes haven’t strayed from this blueprint much – the biggest change has been fixtures in darker, antique finishes.

If this describes your bathrooms, it’s probably time to inject new life into the space. Paint is the obvious first element to consider. However in today’s interior design wall color is often considered an accent rather than a theme. Designers suggest you take a bold step and think outside your comfort zone.

Thinking Organic – Green Bathroom Tile Is A Natural

Green Bathroom Tile | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Green tile creates a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere.

In the 21st century a major architectural and design trend is to reflect as many natural elements as possible. Natural surfaces are woven around natural colors – earth tones, sky blues and a wide range of greens.

Do you look forward to green grass and green leaves after a drab Madison winter? The same feeling you get looking at a beautiful landscape translates into a well-designed green interior scape. The use of green bathroom tile in walk-in showers, on the floor or as a bold wall feature takes shape in dozens of contemporary designs. And, green makes a natural statement in a Victorian setting, too. It’s versatile and ageless.

If you’re excited about a “green bathroom,” you’re not alone. However, there’s more to it than just deciding you want green tile in the guest bathroom. First, there are enough different shades and hues of green to be confusing. Second, what do you accompany your green bathroom tile with – complementary or contrasting colors? Your combinations go a long way in determining whether the finished room is bold and vibrant – ideal for a powder room – or serene and classic for your personal retreat?

Since green can be a vibrant color, basic white subway tile is an excellent contrast. For an added subtle touch of green with the white, consider a dark green grout to carry the green theme throughout.

A tip from tile professionals:  if you’re planning to do the tile project yourself be sure to buy enough extra to cover any repairs in the future. Shades of green are hard to match so you want to be sure any replacement tiles are from the same batch. Even if the manufacturer labels today’s tile with the exact same color name, there’s no guarantee it will match what went on 10 years ago.

Designing A New Bathroom Around Green Tile

Green Bathroom Tile | Madison WI | Molony Tile

Natural materials are high on interior designers’ lists of positive traits. Blending natural colors and natural materials makes a statement.

Are you looking to make a really dramatic change in your home’s bathrooms? You have choices no matter how big or small the room is. Adding or replacing bathroom tile with green bathroom tile is one of the easiest ways to have immediate impact. You want your efforts to deliver an immediate “wow” when friends and family see the new space, right? Consider the potential of these options:

  • Paint colors complement tiles – additional colored tiles and paints that go well with green tiles range from traditional white that goes with every shade of green to bolder hues. For real drama, consider contrasts like purple and dark blue. Almost every “earth tone” works with a variation of green.
  • Bright is right – sometimes. If you like bright colors and bold statements mix darker greens with brighter colors. Create a cheerful space. Anything goes.
  • A refreshing mint – lighter shades of green in shower tiles and floors opens up the visual appeal of smaller bathrooms. Add a pattern for interest and appeal.
  • Explore your dark side – if you want a moody retreat and a place to escape to, dark green provides an enveloping feel. Add gold fixtures and hardware for an elegant transformation.
  • Tile becomes art – create a mosaic with variations in tile shapes, shades and textures. Hexagonal tiles in several sizes – using dark and light greens – provide great appeal. Mosaics are an excellent way to create a spa-like ambiance.
  • Don’t overdo straight lines – traditional rectangular and square tiles don’t have to be in boring rows. Herringbone tile patterns are excellent choices for shower and accent walls.
  • Size matters – subway tile is easy to work with an available in many sizes. Even rectangular-shaped tiles can be interesting. Long narrow tiles, for example, are relatively easy to work with but provide interesting, novel applications.

Choose Green Bathroom Tile With Care

When you’ve made up your mind to remodel or update your master bathroom, guest bathroom or powder rooms it’s time to make decisions. Have you gone through online video, websites and publications to see what kind of tile is available and how it’s used? The many options go beyond challenging to confusing, don’t they?

When you’re ready to make choices it’s time to visit Madison’s most complete tile show. Molony Tile is Madison’s greatest tile resource and has been for years. When you walk in the door you’ll be amazed. Chances are you’ll be introduced to options you never considered.

For more than 70 years Molony’s experienced, skilled professional staff has provided tile for high-quality jobs throughout the Madison area. Molony Tile supplies all the top builders in the area. In addition it has all the tools and tips for a do-it-yourselfer.

To review the dozens of variations of green tile call  608-268-8453 or email us to make an appointment to see our vast array of green bathroom tile available to Madison WI homeowners.

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